Why Public Relations?

Transitioning into college life can be a big adjustment. Not only are you experiencing a new level of freedom, but there is an intense pressure to have your future planned the minute you step on campus for freshman orientation.

For me, I never had a passion for anything specific growing up. I always loved fashion, reading, writing and anything that allowed me to be creative, but I couldn’t quite decide which career path to follow once I got to college. Picking a major is a tough process, and at 18 years old, how does anyone know exactly who they want to be?

Many students apply to college as “undecided” and stay that way for several semesters. I changed my major three times, finally finding my niche in public relations by the end of my sophomore year. There’s nothing wrong with a little soul searching and taking some generic courses to determine your strengths and weaknesses.

Today, I want to explain why public relations means so much to me, and why it may be the perfect major for people who are lost in the pool of endless career possibilities.


People. They are the heart and soul of this field. Public relations wouldn’t exist without solid relationships built on the foundation of transparency and trust. I love being around new faces, working with others on projects and being in an atmosphere where every day is something new and exciting. Regardless of the company you work for or field you choose, learning how to communicate is one of the most important skills you can learn.

Broad. There are a variety of career paths you can take with a public relations degree. This includes publicity, agency work, social media manager, script writer, spokesperson and the list keeps on growing. As a public relations professional, you’re in charge of shaping the way the public views companies and organizations. Whether you prefer sports, entertainment, hospitality or food and beverage, there’s an opportunity to be exposed to many different industries and clientele. You’re not limited to one specific job in the PR world, so spread your wings and fly.

Intellectual. Okay, so a lot people think that public relations is just the easy way out, and doesn’t really challenge you academically. Those Debbie Downers couldn’t be more wrong. The curriculum is time consuming and tedious, with an emphasis on proper AP Style, word usage, grammar and spelling. You will take classes involving research, multimedia writing, case studies and work on forming campaigns for real clients. Each of these courses strengthen your writing ability and provide you with the tools necessary to land a dream job or internship, and excel in this fast-paced industry.

Creative. Let those artistic juices flow. Public relations revolves around storytelling and insight, which allows you to express yourself in many ways. There are product launches, advertising, events and creating and developing clever campaigns for companies. Creative thinking is at the core of PR and if you are able to craft ideas, you will always remain one step ahead of the competition.



Well, I hope this blog post has helped enlighten you on the different aspects of public relations and the positive impact it has had on my life, as I approach graduation. I know the process of picking a major may seem a little overwhelming, but just remember to follow your heart. If you do what makes you happy, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Here’s a video for tips to landing your dream PR internship. Take a look and see if this sparks your interest even more!

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