Spring Break 2017: Live in the Moment

Being a senior, with graduation only a few months away, I’m feeling as if life is escaping me at a rapid pace. College has been a journey of self-discovery, with many road blocks and prayers to figure out God’s plan and purpose for my life. The challenge of finding a job or choosing to further my education is overwhelming me with chaos and fear. I’m growing up, whether I would like to or not, so I must embrace this next phase of life, by rejoicing in the opportunities that lie ahead.

Even though adulthood comes with excitement and this lovely thing called independence, there are many cons involved with growing up. Some include, not being able to wear an XL t-shirt everyday, filing taxes and balancing a checkbook, not receiving that generous monthly allowance from your parents (dad is secretly jumping for joy), and not living next door to your bestie. All of these things make me wish I was still in elementary school and wearing Hannah Montana pajamas. The worst downside of the “real world” though, is not being given a much-needed hiatus to the madness. Yes, I’m totally referring to spring break.

So, instead of wiping away my *anxiety* tears for the future, I’m going to live in the moment and pretend like I’m still 16 with a fast metabolism this week. Spring break forever? You bet. I have put together goals, objectives, strategies and tactics to ensure that my last college spring break is the best one yet.

Goal: To make the most of my last road trip. 

Saturday morning, my best friend Paige and I are making our way to Seaside, FL for some much needed rest and relaxation at the beach. Girls just wanna have sun, right?

Objective 1: To try at least 3 new activities throughout the week. Traveling to the beach has been our favorite weekend vacation spot, whenever my friends and I need a breath of fresh air from school.

Strategy: Rent bikes in Seaside. This is a great way to exercise and burn off all those extra food calories that come with traveling. Who doesn’t love a cute baby blue bike with a basket?

Tactic 1: Research the best spots to ride our bikes so we can take pictures to post on Instagram.

Tactic 2: Ride up and down the coast, letting the sweet breeze blow through our hair.

Objective 2: To save money and spend 85% of our time at the beach or by the pool.

Strategy: Stay off social media during the day and budget ourselves.

Tactic 1: Enjoy each other’s company and treasure the time we have together before the final weeks of school consume our schedules.

Tactic 2: Buy snacks and lunch food ahead of time at Publix. There is no need to pay high prices for meals during the day, when we can pack a cooler full of water, fruits and sandwiches to bring to the beach.

Objective 3: To try at least 5 new restaurants along highway 30A.

Strategy: Create a list of food choices in the area.

Tactic 1: Research our restaurant picks on Yelp and Urbanspoon to see the ratings and which places people recommend.

Tactic 2: Take pictures of our meals, to document the experience and make mom jealous.

So, after all the planning and putting my goals into action, there’s no reason this beach trip won’t meet my expectations. This may be the most sentimental spring break of them all, but I’ll be sure to live in the moment and keep these memories close to my heart.

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