Dishes by Delaney: Auburn’s Newest Cooking Connoisseur

Most college students stick to noodles or take out each night, but Delaney Burst, a junior at Auburn University, prefers a gourmet style meal plan.

Growing up in New Orleans, Burst has always had a passion for cooking and working in the kitchen.

“My parents are both incredible cooks, so they’ve had a huge influence on me,” said Burst. “I always cook with them and learn new things, but a lot of what I cook has been self-taught.”

Realizing her love for cooking during her sophomore year of college, Burst spends countless hours looking up recipes, ingredients and googling techniques. Since recently being diagnosed with Celiac disease, eating at restaurants and on campus has been challenging.

“Cooking at home is kind of part of my daily schedule requirements,” she said. “I try to plan my meals each week. I’ll normally pick out what I’m eating Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and then go to the store again later in the week for things I’ve thought about and wanted to make.”

Her favorite recipes to prepare are tacos and pasta.“I love that you can put pretty much anything you have in your fridge or freezer into them and they’ll still taste great,” said Burst. “Preparing healthy meals on a budget can be simple, with no hassle.”

Incorporating seasonal ingredients into your diet is a good way to make sure you’re always eating fresh.

As food Instagram pages began to grow in popularity, her friends encouraged her to make an account.

“Last fall it was getting a little cold and I started to crave chicken/sausage gumbo, which is a New Orleans favorite,” said Burst. “I spent about two hours on the phone with my dad getting instructions and a grocery list and started the creation. My roommates and friends were shocked that I was making such an intense dish in college, and suggested the idea to me.”

The Instagram account @dankdishesbyd features pictures and descriptions of every meal she prepares daily. Along with her growing social media page, Burst recently added a cooking show for the Auburn Plainsman to her schedule.

“For my cooking shows, I pick a recipe or a few together to cook on air,” she said. “I go to the grocery store and shop for all the ingredients and then I portion them out so it looks cleaner when it’s filmed.”

The shows are filmed weekly or once every two weeks, and air on Sunday nights. You can view the cooking series on the Auburn Plainsman YouTube Channel. Upon graduating next year, Burst hopes to attend culinary school.

“I’m a very social person, and love to share my recipes, so having my own cooking show would allow me to showcase both my personality and style,” said Burst. “I have applied for an internship at the Food Network this summer, so fingers crossed I get it, and that would be a great first step to achieving my goal.”

Her diligence and passion for creating exceptional dishes are already paving the way for a successful future. Be sure to follow her Instagram account @dankdishesbyd for some cooking inspiration, recipes and more!

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